Month: November 2018

13 Reasons to Give Gift Cards This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many people, this means it is time to start shopping for gifts for their loved ones. However, some people think that shopping is overrated, especially when there are so many other deeds to complete during this season. Those people are filled with holiday spirit, but simply cannot find the fun in shopping. These are people who should gift unused gift cards to their loved one this holiday. Gift cards are great gifts that eliminate the need to shop for a gift. Why should you choose to give gift cards this holiday season?

1.    Gift cards are available from most any retailer you like, whether it is a restaurant, a clothing store, a jeweler, a music store, or something else. It is easy to shop for everyone on your list.

2.    Buy your cards in store or by them online; the choice is yours.

3.    Many retailers offer specials on their gift cards during the holidays so that $50 card could get you a freebie or two thrown in.

4.    You don’t need any wrapping paper, or wrapping skills, to give your loved ones gift cards.

5.    Gift cards make the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list.

6.    The stress of gift-giving is gone when you purchase gift cards.

7.    Everyone gets the gift they really want when you buy them a gift card. This isn’t easy when you buy a gift.

8.    Recipients avoid the need to return gifts to the store, thus avoiding those long lines and traffic. Whether the shirt is too small or not their style, returns are a headache that gift cards help avoid.

9.    Everyone who receives a gift will love the present that you give them. Some say that a gift card is impersonal, but those who get them certainly don’t and won’t complain.

10.  It is safer than giving money. If you’re sending a gift to someone in the mail, money is not traceable and when it is gone, it is gone. You reduce risk and worry when sending a gift card.

11.  Excessive shipping costs are eliminated when sending a gift via postal mail to someone that doesn’t live nearby your home. We all know that shipping is a considerable cost and even smaller packages can result in huge costs, but not with a gift card in tow.

12.  It’s the thought that counts when giving someone a gift for the holidays. This is one thought they’ll be glad that you had.

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13.  There is no worry about your gift being re-gifted to someone else or thrown in the back of a closet to never be seen again. People who receive gift cards put them to use!

So many reasons to give a gift card to your loved ones this holiday season exist, including the 13 above. Why not make this holiday season a little easier on yourself and follow the trend that so many others are following and give gift cards to your loved ones?