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What to Wear With Your New Motorcycle

When you buy your first motorcycle, the next decision that you must make is all about what gear you are going to wear.  Why is this so important? Well, imagine your body moving faster than you could ever run and then hitting the ground at that speed.  The damage can be life threatening.  This is why gear is an important aspect of safety you do not want to take lightly.  Good motorcycle apparel can keep your skin protected.  However, there are many different types of gear and apparel out there to look at.  So, as a beginner, what is important?  Let’s take a look.


The first, and most obvious, important piece of your gear is a helmet.  It protects your head when a collision occurs and can mean the difference between a bad accident and a funeral. A full face helmet is the best option to avoid any damage that other helmets simply do not protect you against.  Also it is important to buy the type of helmet that is appropriate to the riding you will do.  A street helmet will look different from a dirt helmet and protect you in different ways. 


Motorcycle jackets are more than just fashion statements.  They can protect your entire torso from any damage, especially your skin.  They can also protect you from rain and cold weather.  Good motorcycle jackets should have body armor so your most sensitive areas will be protected. 

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A classic leather jacket is a great way to go because it can last longer and fit snugger to the body.


While many bikers wear jeans, they will not help protect you in case of an accident.  Unless it has Kevlar, the jeans may look cool, but aren’t the best options.  There are many leather choices and some that come as a full body suit with the jacket.

With your new gear and your new bike, all you will have to do is ride off and enjoy.